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Targeting the right search terms is critical to online success. Focus on the wrong terms, and your subsequent investment in content creation, optimization and ad spend is doomed to fail.
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Content Creation

Using Dtermin, you can get a clear picture of the language people are using to find you, and you can strategically target the specific terms that best meet your online marketing goals. Armed with those insights, you can precisely craft content that moves customers through the sales cycle.
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Dtermin constantly re-analyzes the changes in your competitive landscape online, both in terms of searcher and competitive behaviour. It then alerts you when your target terms have shifted in a material way.
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Fundamentally, online marketing is about connecting with people searching for products and services like yours.

The first step to connecting is collecting search terms people use most often when searching for offerings like yours. It's important this foundation of terms be comprehensive, because more often than not the most productive terms aren’t the most obvious. That’s why the competition isn’t using them. And that’s what makes certain terms an absolute bargain for you, if you’re running an AdWords campaign.

The second step is narrowing this list down to terms that best summarize your offering. Terms that reflect what online shoppers are typing in.

Finally, you need further distill your list to a few terms you’d like to dominate - the most relevant, profitable terms in your online space.

Targeting is a vital strategic exercise. To be effective, it needs to be done by you. Not some outside ‘expert’ who lacks insight into your business and potential customers. And not by a basic computer recommendation engine.

At Dtermin, we put the power in your hands - with a little help from the most powerful recommendation engine around.

Content Creation

Search engines serve up content that aligns as closely as possible with a specific search term. The more authentic your content (that is, it accurately reflects your business), and the more targeted your content (it speaks directly to the specific search term) the more likely it will rise to the top of search listings (and you need to rise up if you want to be found).

If you craft your content around the most effective search terms for your unique offering, and make the content authentic and focused, you will punch well above your weight online.

The rule is simple: choose search terms carefully, then create and publish content that answers questions the searcher is asking.

This isn’t as difficult as it might sound - interest and intent are clearly expressed in the words consumers use to search. Success hinges on using these words in your content, so the searcher feels they’ve landed on a solution that echoes their need. It’s also critical to be authentic in your answer. Try to actually help them and you’ll be surprised how richly you are rewarded.

To be clear, content needs to be more than a sales ploy inundated with search terms. Effective content provides real value to the reader. Searchers and search engines can smell crass pitches, and nothing less than the most authentic content will make it to the first page. This is no time for a bait and switch.

Words matter here, but so does a compelling offering. The key is to think of each individual search term as a group of prospective customers, and speak directly to what they’re searching for


A wonderful things about search engine marketing is that it enables you to optimize: learn, improve, and adapt to changes in both searcher behavior and competitive pressure.

Once content is online, there’s an opportunity to study how people react to it, and fine tune it. Optimization is all about getting better at generating leads and sales over time.

This starts with testing the language on the search page itself. Search engines make it easy to tweak this ‘point of first contact’ message, even test variations on the message.

The same holds true for the content itself. Variations can be tested to improve ‘stickiness’, including the stickiness of the offering.

Of course, none of this matters if you’re optimizing for terms that lack sufficient search volume (ie: the number of people searching per month), or have such high competition that they’ll never profitably meet your goals, or worst of all, that don’t resonate with your unique offering. Strategic targeting is critical.

The trick is to focus on the ‘best’ terms and constantly optimize your content for maximum effectiveness. Dtermin will help you find the winning terms, so you can focus on optimizing your content to create a lead generating machine. Once you have your first winner, you can return to Dtermin, find another gem, and start the process again.

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